Spouse of caregiver (cg) needs suggestions for handling situations when mother-in-law or father-in-law Care recipient (cr) moves in

Try: Realize that there will be many changes in the normal daily routine discuss all potential problems that may arise beforehand with your spouse who is assuming the role of cg try to lend support to your spouse but at the same time recognize that the increased caregiving load will affect your time together as the cg copes with the additional duties and stress of caregiving plan for and insist on private time together try to keep criticism to a minimum – remember your spouse is performing the role of cg out of love for a parent find areas where you can help lighten the load – maybe keeping track of appointments grocery shopping or taking cr for a drive in the country recognize when your spouse needs a break and encourage them to take it don’t let caregiver overload turn into marital or family problems keep all lines of communication open

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