caregiver (cg) spouse is having trouble assuming a spousal care role and feels resentment toward Care recipient (cr)

Try: Realize that some of this resentment stems from the fact that this cg cr situation isn’t the way retirement should be turning out it will be difficult moving into and assuming a role that the cr used to occupy because all of the responsibilities of this role could be unfamiliar to the cg this could lead to feelings of depression trouble sleeping and no interest in social contacts don’t try to adapt overnight – it will take time try a step-by-step assumption of the role don’t let the magnitude of the chore overwhelm you involve others – children church senior services ask for help in areas you cannot manage if cg can’t manage outdoor maintenance ask for help in specific areas; perhaps a neighbor child can rake leaves or shovel snow while an adult neighbor could trim trees or wash windows try to match the task to the skill or interest of the person you are asking to perform the task

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