What should be decided before a caregiver (cg) – Care recipient (cr) relationship is needed

Try: Have a family meeting and include the prospective cr is possible before a crisis takes place and caregiving becomes an issue find out from the cr what their likes and dislikes are as to the different areas of their life; for example their daily routine eating habits socialization activities types of music television programs favorite shopping places discuss possible solutions is there a family member willing to take on the caregiving responsibilities if not then research area home care or adult day care options prices and the ability of the cr to pay for these services make sure all legal issues are covered as to a will living will durable power of attorney healthcare power of attorney and insurance make sure everyone who has an interest is involved in the communication make compromise an option make sure if you disagree do so without being disagreeable

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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