caregiver (cg) is stressed and depressed

Try: Try to deal with the stress before it turns into depression anxiety or anger identify the specific time or incidents that bring on the most stress is it just the isolation of care giving the day-to-day sameness of the routines or the demands of either the job or the Care recipient (cr) find a stress buddy who you can talk to whenever the stress is about to overwhelm you and talk it out sometimes just verbalizing your frustrations and getting them out into the open will be the outlet you need to look at things in a different perspective if you don’t feel comfortable talking with someone write down your feelings and frustrations in a journal each evening writing them down will allow you to assign them somewhere else and free your mind to relax schedule time in your day for you and stick to it even if it is just a few minutes several times a day the you time will provide something to look forward to and allow you to enjoy an activity or exercise that has nothing to do with care giving if possible schedule regular respite times away from the cr and leave your guilt worry and responsibilities behind for a much needed rest this will refresh your mind and actually increase your effectiveness as a cg

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