caregiver (cg) is worried that Care recipient (cr) is losing the ability to make wise decisions

Try: Try to put yourself in the cr’s shoes the cr has given up most of the independence and control that he or she once enjoyed taking decisions out of the cr’s hands will sometimes be the final blow so this should be handled with sensitivity and diplomacy if the cg is an adult child of the cr and there are other siblings involved the decision making process should be a joint family effort a meeting should be arranged with all family members including the cr the decisions that need to be addressed now and also those that may come up in the future need to be written down on a list and put into categories such as are financial activities of daily living medical physical driving home maintenance housing long term care end-of-life as so on if there are several siblings involved one individual needs to assume the role of the primary caregiver and spokesperson for the cr this individual should coordinate everything related to the cr with the support and help of the whole family it is not fair for one individual to do all the care giving however it makes sense for one person to oversee and coordinate everything therefore the primary caregiver should delegate tasks decisions etc to other family members who can be relied on to get the job done always let the cr have input on any outsourcing of decision making for example if an attorney or financial planner will be needed get the cr’s input on who is chosen at no time should the cr be made to feel that he or she is incompetent to handle decisions this will only lead to frustration and depression although the cr may not be able to take full control of the decision making process you should look for ways to get the cr involved and part of the process decision making should be taken over gradually first offer to help the cr make the decision or discuss it offer to help in an advisory capacity then the transition can go more smoothly if you need to assume full responsibility for decision in the future if the cr insists on making poor and unsafe decisions you may need to get a professional to intervene for example in the case of possibly giving up driving privileges a physician may need to advise that it is no longer safe for the cr to drive or in the case of bad money management a banker may need to explain the benefits of direct deposit and automatic bill paying services

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