Care recipient (cr) who is no longer able to live alone is moving in with his or her adult child and family

Try: Make your home senior safe make sure bathtub is equipped with safety handles or grab bars get a bathing stool for the shower get a baby monitor for the cr cr’s room or a bell that he or she can ring to call for help if needed if a bathroom is not close to their bedroom keep a commode nearby for use at nighttime get a raised toilet seat or seat with extension frame around the toilet line the bathtub with non-slip decals make sure extension cords are not laying out where they can be tripped over prepare a comfortable and cheerful bedroom with colorful wallpaper or paint make sure the room is well lit provide a place to sit other than the bed to watch tv or read if the hallway to the cr cr’s room is long place a chair midway down the hall in case the cr needs to rest

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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