New caregiver needs advice and suggestions on caregiving

Try: Keep all activities or tasks simple introduce yourself each time you are with the Care recipient (cr) if you have to for example hi mom it it’s me your son mike always approach the cr from the front always use a soft subtle voice the cr will be able to tell if you are agitated or stressed put yourself in the cr cr’s shoes and be empathetic be patient if the cr can’t remember or repeats things a cr with short-term memory impairment may not remember something thirty seconds or one minute later use baby monitors they are especially good in the evening if the cr wanders around after the sun goes down or at risk for falling include the cr when you are doing chores for example ask the cr to help you fold the laundry put dishes away or even plant flowers ask for help with just one task at a time put up the cr cr’s valuable jewelry and replace it with costume jewelry it is fairly common for the cr to lose expensive jewelry that has sentimental value check wastebaskets thoroughly before you empty them use smaller wastebaskets that are easier to go through stick to a routine whenever possible for example take bath have breakfast go for a walk play table games have lunch and so on make notes regarding the cr cr’s daily routine activities likes dislikes and so on certain times of day things may work better than others something that doesn’t work on one day may work on another try to have some sort of identification on the cr name address and phone number do not let your pride get in the way ask for help when you need it don’t try to fly solo when it comes to caregiving there are many resources available to help so take advantage of them whenever they would be benefical take care of yourself as well you will not be of much use to the cr if you don’t get enough sleep eat right exercise and so on caregiving can be very stressful was wear you down learn how to manage stress and make relaxation part of your daily routine take periodic breaks from caregiving find a relative or friend who can stay with the cg while you get a break and have some time for yourself take five minutes each night to record your thoughts in a dairy you may be able to use your caregiving experience to help someone in the future

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