Caregiver is preparing to move his or her parent into the home

Try: You need to be very firm about remaining the head of the household and should not slip into the role of a child under the thumb of your parent you and your family should be given your own privacy at certain times and occasions and the same consideration should be given to your parent you should clearly communicate your expectations of rules and duties for all family members including your parent don’t assume that family members will fall into a specific role unless asked to keep the lines of communication open as problems arise don’t ignore issues and hope they will go away meet them head on with an open mind try to communicate without arguing and placing blame don’t walk away from the problem until a workable solution has been reached it should be understood also that your parent is not a visitor in the home and should be included in activities and help with chores if possible you should not assume that cr will share likes and dislikes regarding social activities your parent may not want to be involved with all of them try to find out what activities your parent may want to be a part of and what friends your parent would like to have visit see if this can be worked into the schedule

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