Sexual dysfunction has become a problem for the Care recipient (cr)

Try: Encourage the cr to start an exercise program and stick with it this can produce good feelings and provide a distraction from the cr’s unwanted sexual behaviors encourage the cr to engage in hobbies that would provide a distraction and take up time during the day having something different to think about can make time pass by quicker and make it easier to deal with the sexual dysfunction problem encourage the cr to keep a daily journal by writing down feelings throughout the day this will provide a way to keep the cr’s thoughts organized and will make it easier to communicate to someone who can help maintain a complete list of all medications taken by the cr everyday medication side effects can result in an increase or decrease in sexual dysfunctions consider consulting with the cr’s pharmacist or doctor regarding this and make adjustments as needed to address the problem

Materials: Pen and journal list of medications being taken by the cr

Categories: Behavior Challenging, Communication, Medical Physical, Sexuality Intimacy

Information: n/a

References: Adapted from the usa pharmacist internet site www usapharmacist com follow the links to senior citizens

Keywords: Sex sexual difficulties problems issues problematic increased or decreased sex drive

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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