Caring for others often places large amounts of stress on the caregiver when you are a caregiver finding time to for yourself is difficult if you don’t find time for yourself you risk you physical and mental health give yourself permission to rest and to do things that you enjoy on a daily basis you will be a better caregiver for it the following are tips for helping the caregiver take care of herself

Try: Incorporate activities that give you pleasure even when you don’t really feel like it listen to music work in the garden engage in a hobby joy that you pamper yourself from time to time take a warm bath and light candles find some time for a manicure or a massage eat balanced meals to nurture your body find time to exercise even if it it’s a short walk everyday get an adequate amount of sleep at night laughter really is the best medicine buy a light-hearted book or rent a comedy whenever you can try to find some humor in everyday situations arrange a telephone contact with a family member a friend or a volunteer from a church or senior center so that someone calls each day to be sure everything is all right try to set a time for afternoons or evenings out seek out friends and family to help you so that you can have some time away from the home

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