Vascular dementia is a common form of dementia in care recipients cr so many caregivers will likely encounter the condition caring for a cr with vascular dementia can be very stressful for everyone involved you can make the situation easier by providing a stable and supportive environment the following are tips for caregivers of crs with vascular dementia

Try: Keep routines the cr will feel more comfortable and less frightened or agitated when she is on a regular routine and in familiar surroundings use calendars and clocks place large calendars and clocks around the cr’s living area they can help people with dementia reorient if they’ve forgotten the date or time keep the cr busy encourage the cr to continue physical and social activities as long as possible keep the cr stimulated and active make sure the cr’s room is colorful and inviting also make sure they have a tv radio or other things to look at and do tell the cr what you’re doing and why if it’s time for dinner say so be sure to communicate even if you’re not sure your loved one understands even if she doesn’t understand your words your tone of voice and body language can provide reassurance note if the cr shows any of the signs for vascular dementia contact a doctor immediately

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