Care recipient (cr) often says or does things on purpose to get on others’ nerves

Try: Try not to lose emotional control stay calm cr is purposely trying to rattle your cage and ruffle your feathers don’t give him her the reaction he she wants from you try to think before you speak once those words are out they’re pretty hard to take back try to listen more and talk less let cr vent – within reason once you’ve let cr vent he she is more likely to listen to you because he she has gotten it all out of his her system try to step back and analyze the situation from an outside perspective when you’re less emotionally involved and cool your jets the answers come for how to effectively deal with cr

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Information: A recent picture and description of cr a current list of medications and past medications if known a copy of the criteria for emergency evaluations and civil commitments in your jurisdiction a doctor psychiatrist or social worker can help you get this information if possible ask cr to sign a medical release form that allows you to see his her medical information

References: 10 tips for dealing with difficult people by colleen kettenhofen 2001 available at www howtodealwithdifficultpeople com

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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