Care recipient (cr) says inappropriate things that are hurtful to or anger others

Try: Try writing in a journal keep a pad of paper and a pen in your car whenever you’re afraid you might say something you’d regret go to your car and write out everything you’d like to say but never could writing is a cathartic physical way of getting it out of your system when you arrive home tear it up or burn it you wouldn’t want cr to find it and become more difficult consider taking a seminar on dealing with difficult people consider that sometimes you get what you give try to swallow your pride and give sincere warranted appreciation to cr when he she deserves it sometimes cr may be being difficult because he she feels under appreciated try to choose your battles would you rather be right or would you rather be happy there are times when you won’t get your way let it go know when to speak up and when to move on

Materials: Bound spiral notebook and pen

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Information: A recent picture and description of cr a current list of medications and past medications if known a copy of the criteria for emergency evaluations and civil commitments in your jurisdiction a doctor psychiatrist or social worker can help you get this information if possible ask cr to sign a medical release form that allows you to see his her medical information

References: 10 tips for dealing with difficult people by colleen kettenhofen 2001 available at www howtodealwithdifficultpeople com

Keywords: Challenging behavior rude negative arguementative argue

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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