Care recipient (cr) gets irritable and sometimes has outbursts of anger

Try: Try to remain calm reacting emotionally may make things worse try asking cr to stop yelling and offer him or her other ways of getting your attention try to understand that it is cr’s medical condition that is triggering the outbursts and angry words try not to take it personally try to identify the situation or person that seems to trigger outbursts and then use that

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Information: To reduce the incidents try to use established routines to help you manage cr’s irritability and outbursts routines give you a reason to stand your ground and set reasonable limits on behavior outbursts can get out of control if you fear violence do not hesitate to leave or call for help remember safety first try to identify circumstances that trigger outbursts in order to avoid them consider finding a support group for yourself so that you have an outlet for your own frustrations and feelings

References: a caregiver’s guide to huntington’s disease by huntington’s disease society of america 2011 available at www hdsa org

Keywords: Outbursts irritability irritable irritated angrym upset mad cursing foul language challenging behaviors

*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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