Care recipient (cr) has accumulated a significant amount of stuff and living quarters are extremely cluttered this adversely impacts cr’s ability to function and quality of life

Try: #discuss the problem with the cr and come to an agreement that the problem exists this must be done before you can move on to the next step #offer to help the cr resolve the problem set realistic written goals that the cr is willing to achieve #put a moratorium on accumulating additional stuff except for the most essential items #come up with a plan on how to use the available space in the cr’s living quarters #decide where to start focus on one small area if possible isolate the items that are being hoarded in a separate place room garage etc #sort items into three separate boxes ##throw out ##sell or donate ##store #keep only the items that have a distinct use and function in the present living circumstances similar items should be grouped together in an appropriately labeled storage bin or box #confidential personal financial and medical

Materials: Plastic trash bags large plastic storage bins or boxes with lids self-adhesive labels and black felt tip marker shredder digital camera photo printer and photo album

Categories: Behavior Challenging, Communication, Emotional Psychological, Maintenance

Information: Should be shredded use a shredding service if you don’t own a shredder #use the digital camera and photo album to preserve memories of items that have sentimental value instead of trying to save them when there is no room #be persistent pace yourself and celebrate when significant progress has been achieved #work with the cr to address feelings and behaviors that lead to hoarding understand that there may be setbacks information

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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