A Care recipient (cr) with dementia repeatedly asks staff questions about leaving adult day care for the day

Try: #make a plan related to day care and post it in the cr’s house where it is easily seen the plan should include the schedule of days and times the cr will attend as well as the times the cr needs to be ready to leave the house to attend if more than one person is assisting in transportation write down the name of the person or service providing the ride each day include on the plan any meals or snacks the cr will have while at the program and the time the cr will be picked up from the program #make two copies of the plan and give one to the supervisor of the program and one to the cr #help a cr get comfortable with attending adult day care by attending the program with the cr for the first several visits staying with the cr for less time each visit #consider having the cr attend for short periods of time for the first week gradually increasing the length of time the cr stays #if the cr asks repetitive questions gently remind the cr of the plan for the day today you are eating lunch here and your spouse son ride is coming at 2 00 p m to take you home #if the plan is too much for the cr to understand make sure it is shared with caregivers and staff so all of them can provide consistent answers to the cr #consider having a staff member write on a card the name of the caregiver providing a ride home and the time the person is expected to arrive at the program and give the card to the cr to hold and refer to when episodes of asking questions about leaving begin #make sure the card matches the correct

Materials: Plan consistent caregiving paper pen

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Information: For each day #be patient and continue to offer verbal reassurance and distraction information

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