Care recipient (cr) shouts and swears loudly upsetting or verbally abusing other people

Try: You may want to try one several or all of these suggestions but keep in mind the importance of presenting any of them to the cr in a non-judgmental way set a tone that allows the cr to explore his or her behavior without having to get defensive about it you can do this by being clear and fair in your word choices and caring and sincere in your tone ask the cr to write the negative words he or she uses on a piece of paper and their meanings ask the cr to explain rationally if he or she really means what he or she says and if it it’s fair to treat people that way ask the cr to look at himself mirror and say those words and to observe how he or she looks at the time ask the cr to imagine what impression other people get about him or her when the cr is heard saying those things ask the cr what he or she thinks of people who swear and should a lot

Materials: Paper pencil mirror

Categories: Behavior Challenging, Needs Some Assistance, Cognitive Awareness, Fully Aware

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