Care recipient (cr) gets visibly confused and agitated during family celebrations holidays

Try: Cr is probably trying too hard to remember and interact with family members that they do not see often the noise level and distractions of too many people and too many things to look at are a definite contrast to the cr’s daily routine and thus creates confusion and agitation don’t eliminate holiday celebrations – they have meaning and value not only for the cr but for all of the family members also simplify and save the important aspects of the holidays don’t try to cook an elaborate meal for a large family; have just an holiday open house where family members can come and go at various times cutting down on the number of people at any given time and instead of an entire meal have snacks or desserts available as a self-serve option if winter holidays are too difficult and confusing because of the weather issues – try having a christmas in july celebration or several mini-celebrations throughout the year this will make the celebration not just one event to look forward to and be exhausted from but will be expanded into several enjoyable activities to anticipate and motivate both the cg and cr

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