Care recipient (cr) gets agitated and frustrated trying to complete a daily routine of dressing or bathing materials

Try: caregiver (cg) should narrate each aspect of the daily routine that is coming up and give step-by-step directions on performing each task the narration should be as simple as i’m going over to the closet now and getting your clothes for the day this will give the cr time to anticipate the next move and could ease fears and frustration cg should keep the tone of their voice soft and monotone so that not only the knowledge of the next step but the soothing quality of the cg’s voice will have a calming effect give cr time to adjust to each step before proceeding to the next one pause between steps cg can also try playing a sing along cd while performing a daily routine that is frustrating for the cr just singing along will distract the cr and speed up the daily routines

Materials: Scissors ruler piece of white cardboard highlighter pen pencil blank check caregiver to make template

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