Care recipient recipient’s cr cr’s spitting offends caregiver and raises health safety concerns for caregiver and visitors

Try: #a live-in caregiving spouse or family member may have the right to negotiate a change in spitting behavior in the basis of being offended but visiting caregivers may not have that privilege and so must be thoughtful in their approach to the issue for some crs spitting may be linked to a history of tobacco chewing or growing up where spitting was accepted #because spitting can expose caregivers and others to the cr cr’s body fluid saliva it is reasonable for a caregiver to use a barrier gloves when cleaning up after a cr who spits whether discarding a cup of saliva or mopping up a table or floor on which the cup has rested #give the cr disposable plastic cups to spit in as a way of safely and neatly handling the habit dispose of the cups frequently replacing them with fresh ones and keep the areas around the the cup clean #if the cr spits but doesn’t feel comfortable spitting directly into the cup give the cr tissues with lotion to spit into and either a cup or a small wastebasket lined with a plastic bag in which to dispose the of the tissues #if the cr is spitting on the floor set up the wastebasket and redirect him or her to spit into that rather than onto the floor periodically empty the wastebasket into the tub and rinse it with a household cleanser

Materials: Plastic cup latex or non-latex disposable gloves tissues with lotion small wastebasket and plastic bags if desired

Categories: Behavior Challenging, Mobility, Needs Some Assistance, Cognitive Awareness, Fully Aware, Somewhat Aware, Long-Term Memory, Good L T Memory, So-So L T Memory, Short-Term Memory, Good S T Memory, So-So S T Memory

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