Care recipient (cr) hoards items in plastic bags and carries bags on person throughout the day

Try: #discuss the following topics with the cr and make sure that what you say is clearly understood ##the cr’s belongings are important ##important items need to be stored in a proper place ##keeping and carrying belongings in plastic bags is not a good way to take care of them #let the cr chose certain items that can be carried in a small backpack and store the rest in drawers #take time once a week to talk to the cr about limiting the amount of items that are carried in the backpack go through the backpack and weed out any extra items that the cr may have put in it #the cr may switch out items that are carried in the backpack one week an item might be carried and the next week it might be stored in the drawer this is ok as long as the number of items carried in the backpack is reasonable #assure the cr that all the items are safe either in the drawers or backpack

Materials: Small backpack drawers

Categories: Behavior Challenging, Emotional Psychological, Maintenance, Social, Independence, Some Supervision

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