Care recipient (cr) begins showing public behavior that embarrasses others because it is loud inappropriate and bizarre

Try: #when picking places to go out consider ones familiar to the cr where the cr is perhaps already known and understood by staff volunteers or others and where the cr may be able to call on past habits to reinforce appropriate behavior #when planning a trip to a new place call ahead of time and see what kind of environment the cr will be entering is the place so chaotic the cr’s difficult behavior will be triggered is the place so quiet the cr’s odd behavior might be particularly noted is there a quiet space if the cr needs a break from a tour concert or meal is there an easy way to exit if the cr feels overwhelmed #when odd behavior begins remember that the cr’s behavior is not something the caregiver has to be ashamed of it is a symptom to be managed as best as possible by the cr and the caregiver #do not try to hold a cr against his or her will in any setting if the cr wants to leave and the caregiver can safely manage a departure it is wise to do so an exception would be a medical setting where there may be legal and insurance-related consequences to leaving against medical advice #a caregiver who knows in advance what kinds of inappropriate behavior a cr is likely to show loudness inappropriate touching paranoid accusations etc can make a plan in advance and discuss it with the cr the plan should outline without judgment what will happen under certain conditions and it can be framed lovingly for example i know that sometimes you believe other people are trying to hurt you when we are out i don’t want people to hurt you if someone tries to hurt you we will leave does that sound like a good plan to you #if the cr later makes a public accusation the caregiver can say we are going to leave remember we discussed this and we agreed we would leave if someone tried to hurt you similarly nonjudgmental language can be used to explain that the cr must leave the setting if he or she is going to be loud or touch him or herself inappropriately we are leaving because we agreed that if you were loud we would go where it is ok to be loud it’s not ok here we agreed on that before we came so we are going to leave now

Materials: List of places familiar to cr and caregiver information about destination before arriving caregiver who will informally rehearse appropriate behavior plan for responding to prolonged inappropriate behavior

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