Care recipient (cr) is anxious about having eye surgery

Try: Encourage cr to inform him herself about what to expect suggest that cr talk to ask friends and relatives who have undergone the same surgery or read a lot of materials it will help cr a lot to know what will happen to his her eyes and what he she will need to do for the next few weeks after the surgery discourage cr from comparing his her recovery to other people’s recovery remind cr that every patient and every surgery is different so it will not be very helpful if cr compares his her recovery with other people encourage cr to stick to his her concerns and to his her own recovery remind cr to protect his her eyes well a few days after the surgery wounds caused by the cataract eye surgery need to be healed first before cr’s eyes can be used normally it is very important that youn remind cr to protect his her ecr suggest that cr wear a pair of protective eyeglasses just to make sure nothing and no one can hurt his her eyes during this delicate stage suggest that cr wear protective glasses even while he she is sleeping encourage cr to avoid forcing his her eyes to work normally that means no watching tv no reading no computer or cell phone use or no forced usage of his her eyes until they are fully recovered remind cr to avoid lifting anything heavy because doing so will only pressure the eyes the stitches might be affected as well

Materials: Protective eye glasses protective sunglasses

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References: how to recover from cataract eye surgery by kyle chapman no date available at www howtodothings com

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