The fear of dying is in part fear of facing the unknown for many care recipients crs there may also be unfinished business confusion or reluctance to let go of certain relationships

Try: #a cr facing death can still live a life of wellness giving attention to self-care relationships and things that are most important #for crs unable to manage alone caregivers can provide support in homes where the crs’ wellness is promoted where chaos is limited where crs’ comfort and cleanliness are maintained and where crs’ are not isolated # hospice workers can teach family friends and caregivers about death and dying and compassionate ways to care for people who are close to death #like anyone facing the unknown a cr facing death is not going to be comforted by false promises that everything is fine and there is nothing to worry about caregivers can offer more comfort by listening and simply being present for the cr in a silent attentive way #if a cr talks about unfinished business a child with whom contact has been lost or words never said to a person now dead consider options for resolving feelings does the cr to make contact with an estranged child ask the cr what he or she would say to an adult child or to a deceased parent speaking thoughts aloud may help finish the business for the cr #other ways of addressing unfinished relationships include writing letters even to people who have died or informal role playing in a conversation where a caregiver or friend plays the part of the absent person and the cr interacts with the person playing the role

Materials: Compassionate listening hospice worker if appropriate support for family and friends of cr environment that allows the cr to focus on wellbeing

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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