The Care recipient (cr) has low vision and is having trouble seeing and locating sewing

Try: Before starting a sewing project organize the sewing materials on a tray with a raised edge or lip cover the surface with a contrasting placement or use a flat rubberized mat or jar opener that provides extra traction and stability for needle threading materials make sure that the sewing area is well lit use two pincushions use one on the wrist and place the other on the work surface or in the working area keep a refrigerator magnet nearby to help locate dropped pins run it over the floor of the sewing area before vacuuming use a magnetic pincushion to make it easier to collect pins and needles in one place keep scissors on a chain or a ribbon that can be place around the neck avoid sewing barefoot or when wearing thin socks or slippers use an adapted needle threader a self-threading or easy-thread needles a wire loop needle threader a hexe or witch needle threader use a lighted stand magnifier to thread needles and do other close up work

Materials: Materials tray with a raised edge or lip contrasting placement or a flat rubberized mat or jar opener pincushion wrist pincushion refrigerator magnet magnetic pincushion neck chain or piece of ribbon self-threading or easy-thread needles wire loop needle threader hexe or witch needle threader lighted stand magnifier

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References: A adapted from guides for safety in the home by visionaware org

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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