Match activities with functional skills for care recipients crs with dementia

Try: Flower arranging uses focus concentration and eye-hand skills it can also offer reaching or range of motion exercise craft stores carry all the supplies #buy plastic or silk flowers that are strongly attached to stems and don’t have berries or small floral pieces #use plastic mugs or containers as wide-mouthed vases #drill holes in the vases and screw them at different heights to the plywood #use wire cutters to cut the flower stems to sit securely in the vases cover any rough ends or exposed wires with green floral tape #mount the plywood securely on a wall at a height that the Care recipient (cr) has to stretch slightly to reach #invite the cr to arrange and place flowers in the vases periodically invite the cr to replace the arrangements #the activity may trigger recall without distracting the cr gently ask some questions ##have you ever had a flower garden ##what’s your favorite flower

Materials: Assortment of plastic or silk flowers 3 colorful soft plastic mugs or containers a plywood board screws wire cutters floral tape drill helper who can use tools

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