You may be able to transfer yourself from bed to wheelchair using a transfer board sometimes called a slide board

Try: #transfer boards are short sturdy smooth boards that allow people to slide from one surface to another if the surfaces are the same level they are sold in medical supply stores #position the wheelwhair at a right angle to the surface you want to move to lift the armrest out of the way if necessary #sit on the bed with your feet on the floor #lock the wheelchair in place lean away from the surface you are moving to and slide the board under your buttocks being careful not to pinch them with the board #resume your sitting position push your body up by putting your hands on the board and straightening your elbows slide a little bit at a time over to the wheelchair #sprinkle a little baby powder on the board to make it easier to slide across or reduce friction by placing a plastic bag on the board before sliding across it #stay balanced for the few seconds you are on the board by keeping your shoulders back and your feet on the floor during the transfer #don’t grab the edges of the board while you are transferring the board could pinch your fingers as your weight bears down on the board #once you are in a stable position remove the board by leaning away from it and lifting one buttock #note that a wheelchair with high wheels may be hard transfer out of if the wheels are higher than the seat special transfer chairs are sold through medical supply stores

Materials: Wheelchair transfer slide board powder or plastic bag

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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