Care recipient (cr) cannot sit close to dining table because wheelchair arms don’t fit under table

Try: Board c-clamp for use with pastry board try #if the wheelchair is a power chair ask the service provider for a folding arm for the joystick side often because that arm is longer it is the one that prevents close approach to tables #if the cr lives alone raise the table so the wheelchair wheelchair’s arms will fit under the table raise the table on blocks of wood bed risers or small squares of plywood glued or nailed together depending on the kind of table legs involved and the liklihood of the cr running into the legs with the wheelchair make sure that the legs can’t easily slip off whatever is raising them if hit by the wheelchair #if the cr shares the table with others or if wheelchair use is temporary buy a large pastry board from a kitchen supply store and put it at the cr cr’s place with several inches of it extending over the edge of the table #secure the pastry board in place with a c-clamp on the cr cr’s less dominant side so it is less likely to get knocked into the pastry board can act as a table extender make sure the clamp is holding the board securely particularly if hot food is served on it

Materials: Folding arm for power wheelchair if applicable blocks of 4 x4 wood bed risers or squares of 1-inch plywood nails glue hammer caregiver who can use tools large wooden pas

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