The cr care recipient needs bed baths and the caregiver (cg) does not know how to do it

Try: #make sure the room is warm and there are no drafts or open windows #test water temperature to see that it is at 120 degrees if water cools while bathing cover the cr and replace the water the same is true for water that becomes dirty while bathing #use a light cotton blanket to cover the cr during the bath #start by washing the face and upper body area first then each side of the body from the arm and down to the leg #carefully turn the cr on one side so the back faces towards you and you can wash the shoulders back bottom and down the backs of the legs #wash the genitals working from front to back with a fresh basin of warm water #after the cr has been washed towel dry and massage with lotion then cover the cr with a blanket and dress in pajamas

Materials: Basin of warm water liquid soap wash cloth towels light cotton blanket lotion pajamas

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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