The caregiver for an unconscious or immobile Care recipient (cr) must keep cr’s mouth gums and teeth as clean and healthy as possible

Try: #buy mouth swabs and other supplies at most pharmacies #assemble all supplies and tell the cr what you are going to do at each new step in the process tell the cr what you will do next even if the cr is unconscious #with the cr lying on one side gently turn the head to the side and place a towel around the neck and on the bed to keep clothes and bed sheets from getting wet #place the bowl under the cr’s chin and mouth; support the bowl with your hand #dip a swab in the cup of mouthwash squeeze out excess mouthwash on the side of the cup put the swab gently into the mouth and gently cleanse the teeth and gums getting in-between the gum and cheek ask the cr if this feels okay #allow the cr to spit out any saliva and mouthwash if he or she can or make sure it is draining into the basin you are holding to avoid risk of choking never use too much mouthwash and water #ask the cr to open his or her mouth wide if possible so you can clean the tongue and the roof if the cr cannot assist you use a tongue depressor to open the cr’s mouth a bit wider by placing the tongue depressor on the tongue and holding it down very gently keep the cr in this position for as short a time as possible #when you are finished remove and empty the bowl #use the washcloth to clean around the cr’s mouth #apply lip balm and make sure the corners of the mouth get lubricated #return the cr to a comfortable position #dispose of waste and wash the bowl and cup thoroughly

Materials: Tongue depressors towels wash cloth mouthwash and water in equal parts in a cup lip balm small bowl to catch water table or tray to hold cup and bowl

Categories: Personal, Mobility, Immobile, Independence, Maximum Supervision, Cognitive Awareness, Somewhat Aware

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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