Method and aids are needed for Care recipient (cr) having trouble rising from chairs

Try: # if the cr uses a walker place this in front of the cr before beginning one of the cr cr’s hands can be on the walker as long as one is also on the surface he or she is sitting on arm of chair seat of chair mattress etc if not using a walker the cr should have book hands on the surface he or she is sitting on or he or she can have one hand on the caregiver if needed # move the buttocks toward the front of the chair ##with feet on the floor and hands on the armrests push down with arms and legs to lift buttocks up and forward or ## walk each buttock forward by leaning left and moving the right buttock forward then leaning right and moving the left buttock forward # with feet on the floor and hands on the armrests lean forward from the waist so that nose is over toes # continue to lean forward while pushing up with arms and legs to lift buttock off chair # as the cr stands straighten his or her back and pause until he or she gets her balance # if a walker is used the cr should brace against walker with back straight until the cr regains balance # the walker may need to be moved forward a few inches to make sure the cr does not lose balance and tip backward

Materials: Walker if the cr uses one a chair with armrests preferably one with a high seat–the higher the seat from the floor the easier the transfer platform to raise chair seat height if cr is over 6 ft tall or if cr is very weak

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