Care recipient (cr) with very limited mobility requires help getting from bed to wheelchair

Try: #transfer boards are smooth panels that allow a cr to slide from one surface to another if the surfaces are the same height they are sold in medical supply stores #bring the wheelchair close to the bed and lock the wheels #help the cr get into a sitting position and bring the cr cr’s legs over the side of the bed #fasten the transfer belt around the cr cr’s waist above the clothes #position the transfer board so one end is on the bed and the other on the wheelchair seat make sure both ends are secure #if the cr is able to scoot onto the transfer board monitor to make sure the board stays securely positioned if the cr needs a little help getting started position the transfer board under the cr cr’s buttocks while the cr is sitting on the bed by having the cr sit where the end will go and then lean away slightly so the board can be slid beneath the cr make sure the board is secure #the cr should have one or both feet on the floor #the caregiver stands behind the cr with both hands on the transfer belt #the cr slides across the board one arm holding the armrest of the wheelchair and the other pushing against the transfer board #when the cr is securely in the wheelchair slide the transfer board out from under the cr and off the seat #note that a wheelchair with high wheels may be difficult to transfer from as the cr may have to lift him or herself over the wheel to get in or out of the chair special transfer chairs are usually sold wherever wheelchairs are sold medical supply stores and catalogs

Materials: Transfer belt also called a gait belt transfer board

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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