Care recipient (cr) has trouble with stairs but the low stairways to get into cr cr’s home have no railing and railings could not be easily added

Try: #enlist the help of someone with minor carpentry knowledge if needed #install one set of heavy duty handles on each side of the door frame with steps such as the steps from the garage into the house or from the porch into the backdoor or where needed #these handles should be secured into wooden wall supports and angled and at the proper height so that the cr can easily grab them #make sure the handles will support the weight of the cr as he or she pulls on them to get into the house #the cr can use handles to help climb low stairways allowing him or her to maintain balance

Materials: A set of heavy-duty c-shaped door handles for each entrance to home or problem stairwell bolts for installing these handles

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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