Care recipient (cr) has trouble getting to bathrooms on time and has accidents overnight and during the day this problem is having a major impact on cr cr’s emotional and social life

Try: #incontinence can be related to medication or medical problems and a doctor should be consulted when incontinence begins or does not respond to a treatment #incontinence that goes unmanaged can be embarrassing for the cr and present the caregiver with significant amounts of extra work incontinence that is managed may allow the cr greater confidence to leave the house and reduce the amount of laundry mopping up and cleaning that a caregiver has to do #if it is reasonable given the cr cr’s condition and the caregiver caregiver’s abilities consider and discuss frankly the use of adult disposable underwear #adult disposable underwear comes in a very wide variety of styles designed to meet a number of different needs from light bladder leak protection to an all-around leak-proof brief pull-up and side-tab styles absorbent gels removeable pads briefs for men or panties for women high-volume liquid absorbency or low these are a few of the choices available #look for adult disposable underwear in pharmacies and through medical supply companies a wider variety of styles may be available if ordered for home delivery and better prices may apply check with the cr cr’s physician or pharmacist to locate the toll-free number of a supplier and ask the supplier for a catalog of incontinence products or an over-the-phone consultation to discuss the best match for the cr cr’s needs

Materials: Adult disposable underwear also called adult diapers or chucks pharmacy or mail-order supplier

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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