Care recipient (cr) has trouble fastening buttons and typing shoes

Try: Buttonhooks are tools that drag buttons through holes when fingers can’t they can be found in independent living supply catalogs medical supply stores and some drug stores use them to fasten buttons on shirts skirts or pants elastic shoelaces are sold in many drug stores and independent living supply catalogs they are threaded like regular shoelaces but once threaded need only to be tied once the shoelaces stretch effectively turning a shoe from a lace-up into a slip-on shoe velcro straps on shoes can be easier to fasten than laces or zippers many shoes now come with velcro straps so look for them in general merchandise stores and shoe stores as well as in independent living supply catalogs

Materials: Buttonhook elastic shoelaces shoes with velcro closures

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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