Care recipient (cr) uses a wheeled walker that doesn’t fit easily through indoor doorways the cr would like to take the walker into the bathroom and bedroom but can’t because the fit through the doorway is too close

Try: #switch the wheels on the walker fix the outside right wheel to the inside of the left wheel mount and vice versa you may have to reverse the pins holding the wheels in place make sure the wheels are secure #remove the inside trim from the indoor door frames use the hammerclaw to remove the trim and nails hammer in any nails you can’t remove #if the first two changes don’t make enough difference add an inch to the doorways clearance by re-mounting the doors on double-jointed hinges these special hinges allow doors to open in such a way that the back edge completely clears the doorframe when the door is opened #double-jointed hinges are sold by many hardware stores and do-it-yourself stores although they are sometimes not kept in stock and must be ordered specially you can also find them online

Materials: Hammer and hammerclaw to remove inside strip of door trim double-jointed door hinges power screwdriver caregiver to operate tools

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