Care recipient (cr) does not like having hair washed in the shower

Try: #shower and wash hair at separate times when the cr takes a shower make sure it is a comfortable safe experience and don’t try to wash the cr’s hair right before or right after the shower #when you’ve set aside time for hair-washing make sure the room temperature is comfortable and that the setting is safe and comfortable if the cr is physically under stress the whole experience may become difficult #seat the cr clothed put the smock on the cr so the clothes are protected from water tuck a towel around the neck hole of the smock #put a very small amount of shampoo in the shower cap and add enough water to moisten the terry cloth liner without getting it dripping wet #place one washcloth in the cr’s hand and keep another one close to your hand #place the shower cap on the cr’s head and begin massaging it through the cap onto the cr’s scalp use the washcloth you have to wipe drips that escape the cap and head toward the cr’s eyes #when the scalp has been massaged remove the cap and rinse the shampoo from it put a small amount of water in the cap and replace it onto the cr’s head massaging the soap from the cr’s hair repeat this process until the shampoo is off the hair and scalp #dry and style the cr’s hair #it may take some practice to figure out the right balance of shampoo and water needed to get the hair clean and let the process work smoothly but it can be done very efficiently and comfortably over time

Materials: Shower cap with terrycloth lining towels measuring cup two washcloths hair dryer comb or brush waterproof apron or smock

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