What plan should be in effect if the full-time caregiver (cg) has an emergency medical situation and has to leave the Care recipient (cr) immediately

Try: Compile a list of emergency contact numbers and leave the list in several prominent places around the home one being on the nightstand of the cg first on the list should be names of someone to call who can come immediately and take over the temporary responsibility of care family members who are close should be next on the list and they can relay the

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Information: To members who live away there should be a plan for temporary care plan a which could include family member moving into cr’s home or cr moving into family member’s home plan b should be for long term care in case cg’s medical emergency should prove to be lengthy this should include research into and visiting long term care facilities to possibly choose one and put a name on a list in case an emergency care situation arises information

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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