Urinary tract infections urinary tract infections utis are characterized by a painful burning sensation when passing urine they will affect one in four women at…

Try: Urinary tract infections urinary tract infections utis are characterized by a painful burning sensation when passing urine they will affect one in four women at some stage in their lives and around one in twenty men utis are usually treated successfully with antibiotics prescribed by a doctor the urinary tract consists of the kidneys bladder ureters and urethra the kidneys filter waste and water from the blood to produce urine urine travels from the kidneys to the bladder via two narrow tubes called the ureters urine is stored in the bladder until it is excreted through the urethra normal urine is sterile and contains no germs such as bacteria viruses or fungi utis occur when bacteria enter the urinary tract via the urethra utis are most commonly caused by bacteria that normally live in the bowel utis are quite common especially among women and children some people regardless of age or gender are more susceptible than others just as some people are with coughs and colds women are particularly at risk because the urethra is quite short and bacteria can more easily move into it risk factors being diabetic pregnancy structural abnormalities of the urinary tract any factor that obstructs urine flow like kidney stones or an enlarged prostate having a catheter inserted into the bladder poor personal hygiene being post menopausal using a diaphragm for contraception symptoms the most common symptom of a uti is a painful burning sensation when passing urine other symptoms include pain in the abdomen or pelvic area a frequent urge to urinate cloudy or smelly urine when the kidneys are affected other symptoms experienced can include back pain fever and chills nausea and vomiting blood stained urine some people with a uti may have no symptoms at all while some people who have these symptoms may not have a uti treatment and prevention prompt treatment is important to prevent infection of the kidneys until a doctor can be consulted initial treatment measures include drinking lots of fluid; water or cranberry juice is best pain relievers to prevent a uti drink plenty of water each day pass urine when needed do not delay urinate soon after sexual intercourse after toileting always wipe the bottom from front to back shower rather than use a bath do not use sprays powders or douches on the genital area information references anderson k n anderson l e & glanze w d eds 2006 mosby’s medical nursing and allied health dictionary 6th ed st louis the c v mosby company kidney health new zealand 2007 urinary tract infections brochure kidney health new zealand christchurch kidshealth 2007 uti urinary tract infection the paediatric society of new zealand and starship foundation available at

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