Urinary incontinence poses risks for skin breakdown and infection; for this reason special skin care is important

Try: #establish a toileting schedule for the Care recipient (cr) that coincides as much as possible with the previously continent bathroom schedule #use a timer or watch to prompt the cr to go to the bathroom and sit on the toilet regularly every two or three hours may be reasonable to prevent accidents #if an accident occurs put on disposable latex or non-latex gloves and dip a washcloth in warm soapy water gently clean the cr’s skin making sure to clean among skin folds rinse the area with warm clean water pat the skin dry with a towel this should be done every time there is a urinary accident to prevent skin breakdown #after cleaning and drying the skin you may choose to apply a barrier cream such as the ones used to prevent diaper rash these products prevent urine from sitting directly on the skin but the product will need to be cleaned and replaced if there is another accident #consider the use of adult disposable underwear or pads there are products made specifically for men or women and for people of all sizes there are many more products available than are offered in most drug stores to find out more call the customer service number listed on one of the product packages sold in a drug store or visit the websites of several of the companies to compare products many offer home delivery #after cleaning up remove the latex gloves by pulling them off from the wrist so they are inside out when they come off throw them away immediately #fragile skin may be at risk if it’s wet for more than a brief period of time so do not leave a cr in a pad or disposable underwear overnight unless you are very certain of that it is designed for safety and high absorbency for cr cr’s with difficulty moving or turning themselves extra precautions should be taken to prevent prolonged wetness #large absorbent square pads are sold to protect beds and chairs and car seats they can be found in drug stores and medical supply stores and catalogues

Materials: Timer or watch disposable gloves washcloth and towel mild soap and water adult disposable underwear or pad barrier cream

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