Loss of fine motor skills make it hard for a Care recipient (cr) to pick up and manipulate playing cards

Try: #purchase rubber fingertip covers at an office supply store #put a fingertip cover over each of the cr’s fingertips #the fit of the fingertip covers may affect how easily the cr learns to handle the cards it may be necessary to look for larger or smaller fingertips covers than the ones originally purchased #picking cards up while wearing the fingertip covers may take some creativity and practice the cr may need to try picking the cards up from a side or the top and practice rolling the covered fingers over the cards while picking them up to create friction for lifting them from a tabletop it will take some experimentation to find what works best #assist the cr to practice picking up and handling the playing cards do a trial run of a card game or two to make sure the cr can do everything with the cards required in the games usually played with family or friends

Materials: 10 rubber fingertip covers used by secretaries deck of playing cards

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