Special care is required when bathing or showering after hip surgery

Try: #gather all clothing towels and shower supplies before showering and make them easily accessible in the bathing area #use bath mats with rubber backing to prevent tripping # use a shower bench as a seat in the tub or shower place it far from and facing the faucets #to enter a tub sit on its edge and gently scoot to the seat if sitting on the edge of the tub is a problem buy a shower bench instead of a shower chair benches extend over the side of the tub be careful not to raise legs higher than ninety degrees when swinging legs over the tub #use the handheld shower head to control water spray and decrease steaminess #always start with cold water and add hot to reach the desired temperature if possible wash with lukewarm water to reduce steam that interferes with breathing #wash back and feet with a long-handled sponge back brush or washcloth to avoid overreaching and bending at the waist #lather up and then return soap to a position that prevents it from dripping or dropping as these could cause slips or falls #rinse and turn off water #dry off as much as possible while sitting #scoot to the side of the tub and get out the way you got in #look for and avoid any water on the floor #move to a stable surface bed chair of firm sofa for example to get dressed #sit and rest whenever necessary while bathing or dressing

Materials: Tub and shower bench handheld shower head long-handled scrub sponge back brush or washcloth soap on a rope or soap that can float or suction soap basket for wall terry cloth robe rubber-backed bath mat

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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