Sometimes everyday household items can be used to exercise hands and fingers weakened by illness or disability

Try: #buy squishy balls and putty or play dough anywhere toys are sold #simply twisting rolling and pulling the play dough will exercise fingers and hands work the hands and fingers by rolling the play dough into ropes re-form and roll the play dough into several balls and then flatten the balls out to make pancakes #try making more complicated things out of the play dough shaping the substance into specific forms for example animals or other objects will exercise fine motor skills #buy a palm-sized ball with a squishy texture or consistency and hold it in one hand at a time squeezing the ball inward keep the ball at hand and do this exercise in free moments throughout the day #keep a couple of different-weight cans of vegetables on the table before or after a meal use one hand at a time to lift the lightest can off the table several times when lifting the can keep arms and elbows off the table try to build strength gradually moving from the lightest can to the one-pound can over several weeks or a couple of months

Materials: Putty or play dough squishy ball cans of vegetables with weights ranging from a few ounces to a pound

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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