Loss of bladder control can be caused by many things and can have a serious impact on many aspects of life

Try: #urinary incontinence can be caused by bladder and kidney conditions diabetes and urinary tract infections among men or women and prostate trouble in men because of this a medical exam to explore the cause of the problem is important #nighttime incontinence may be caused by medications taken before bed that make it difficult to rise and get to the toilet medications and their schedules should also be talked about with the doctor #make sure there is a clear uncluttered path from every room in the home to the bathrooms #reduce nighttime incontinence by limiting fluid intake a couple of hours before bed if it is reasonable given the cr’s health #limit or stop intake of caffeine as this increases urination #try an exercise to strengthen the muscles that affect bladder control while peeing try to stop peeing it may only be possible for a few seconds at first but with practice a cr can hold those muscles tight for longer periods it is also possible to do this without urinating but it is sometimes hard for cr’s to locate the right muscles so starting out this way helps set goals of clenching and unclenching the muscles more and more times per day #if incontinence is due to temporary disorientation cue the cr to urinate properly again by taking the cr to sit on the toilet once an hour if accidents decrease take the cr to the toilet every hour and a half then every two hours and so on until the cr is back on schedule #if incontinence is ongoing try adult disposable underwear or pads they cut down on laundry and public embarrassment avoid calling these products adult diapers as this language discourages people from using them many specialized kinds are sold directly from companies that sell some of their products in drug stores take the website address or telephone number from a store product or ask a pharmacist how to contact the company for

Materials: Physician exam and consultation toileting and drinking schedules if needed special exercises if useful protective undergarments if helpful absorbent pads for beds chairs some are washable and reusable

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Information: #clean and dry skin and clothes after every urinary accident and change pads underwear when they are wet as urine causes skin irritation and breakdown #washable absorbent pads can protect beds or chairs and are easily laundered cut them to fit the cr’s favorite chair and cover them with a with a towel on the chair if the cr would prefer the pad not be seen on the chair disposable pads for beds and chairs are also sold in many drug stores #with a doctor’s prescription some insurance plans may cover incontinence products #if payment for incontinence products is out of pocket contact the makers or distributors directly to see if they offer contracts with better prices or service than you can find at your local pharmacy it may be worth it to order through a service depending on your needs information

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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