Some people are thrust into the role of caregiver abruptly after a loved one has a sudden illness he or she may obviously need a help as a Care recipient (cr) other times however caregiving is a gradual process with few clear dividing lines the assistance provided will slowly grow with the cr’s needs the following are tips for new caregivers

Try: Begin the caregiving conversation early ideally you should talk to the cr about care long before they really need it for instance adult children might want to start talking to their parents about caregiving when they reach age 70 even if they’re healthy find out what they would like to happen if they got sick it may not be an easy conversation look for caregivers guidance when you become a caregiver you suddenly have a million questions don’t be afraid to look for answers check into local resources for caregivers some organizations — like the red cross the national family caregivers association or the local area agency on aging — may offer classes in caregiving that could be invaluable get caregiver support as soon as you can connect with other caregivers support groups for caregivers are a great way to exchange tips and advice support groups also offer a way for you to express your concerns and get backup for some of the hard decisions you’ll have to make along the way find help don’t wait until you’re completely overwhelmed with caregiving to ask for help start talking to other family members and friends about ways that they can share in caregiving both now and in the future check out local cr facilities and nursing homes even if the cr is doing fine on her own it it’s a good idea to visit local nursing homes and caregiving facilities now should the cr ever need one you’ll be glad to know what the options are consider the legal and financial implications start thinking about some of the difficult legal and financial issues you may face as a caregiver if your loved one goes into a nursing home how will she afford it would you sell her house how does power of attorney work these are questions to know before they occur do some research some helpful organizations that can provide

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Information: Or assistance on caregiving include aarp eldercare locator national alliance for caregiving and national family caregivers association among others information

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