Sex happens less often than previously due to pain from rheumatoid arthritis

Try: #experiment with positions during sex or masturbation that do not put stress on the joints use pillows foam pads or foam wedges to support parts of the body as needed #try having sex in the afternoon or evening people with rheumatoid arthritis symptoms say their symptoms often feel severe at these times #have sex regularly if possible studies show that after the activity pain may be relieved for hours #make sure what you do sexually is fun and relaxing for you give yourself time to prepare for your comfort #discuss your needs with your partner or partners #if you have a caregiver remember that you have a right to sex and privacy if you need help preparing for sex it is reasonable to get it #if pain or inability to get appropriate assistance preparing for sex prevent you from having sex look for help find a doctor social worker counselor case manager independent living specialist senior advocate senior ombudsman or disability advocate to talk to the problem may not get fixed overnight but solutions can be found

Materials: Preparation privacy comfort partner optional support pillows foam pads or wedges if helpful

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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