Recognizing alzheimer’s symptoms in the Care recipient (cr) is important for treatment however it can be difficult to distinguish between a serious condition or simply natural symptoms of old age unfortunately there are many signs of alzheimer’s that often go undiagnosed and therefore are untreated

Try: As part of the natural aging process human memory diminishes although some reduction in memory is probably natural serious memory loss or memory loss coupled with loss of learning and motor skills could be a sign of alzheimer’s memory loss is likely the most common symptom other alzheimer’s symptoms include reductions in basic learning language ability or motor skills look for these symptoms in the cr if you do not have day to day interactions with the cr ask someone who does to evaluate the cr’s recent behavior see how the cr interacts with family or friends if the cr has serious memory loss with these individuals that is likely another symptom care giving for an alzheimer’s patient can be extremely frustrating but it can also be frustrating and difficult for the cr so patience and understanding is critical remember it is important to be proactive and overly cautious if one thinks the cr is exhibiting one of these symptoms seek treatment from a physician

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