Overweight Care recipient (cr) snores severely at night and falls asleep throughout the day

Try: #snoring at night and unusual sleepiness during the day may be signs of sleep apnea a significant sleep disorder that can be life-threatening if untreated #see a doctor and ask if a referral for a sleep study or evaluation for sleep apnea is recommended #eliminate or cut back on caffeinated drinks and foods they contribute to wakefulness and heartburn at night #stop stimulating activity including watching television a half hour before bedtime #go to bed to sleep instead of dozing off on a chair or sofa in front of the tv if necessary get a wedge-shaped pillow to prop yourself up in bed and promote better breathing or sleep in a chair in the bedroom the key is to make a ritual of deliberately going to a place where seeking sleep takes place #if sleep apnea is diagnosed and a doctor prescribes use of a machine to aid sleep use it for daytime naps as well as nighttime sleep

Materials: Physical exam sleep study at a sleep clinic no or limited caffeinated drinks armchair or wedge-shaped pillow

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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