Many care recipients cr experience low back pain issues the following are tips for getting a good night’s sleep while dealing with back pain

Try: Rest may help but don’t stay in bed more than a day or two after an injury this can make matter worse if your pain is bad and you need to lie down to get comfortable be sure to get up every so often and move this can relieve stiffness and pain which will help you sleep better at night a warm shower or bath may help relax stiff muscles before bedtime with a specific injury try an ice pack for about 20 minutes when first lying down and every so often throughout the day ice may help reduce the pain limit caffeine and alcohol intake especially in the evening to help with sleep quality don’t overeat before bed make sure you don’t eat a large meal before going to sleep which can interfere with sleep and cause digestive problems plan meals before time to avoid late night eating try relaxation techniques to calm your body before bed if your back hurts worse at night no matter how you try to sleep tell a doctor it could be a sign of a more serious problem

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