Loss of sensation or judgment may make it easy for care recipients crs to burn themselves on hot drinks

Try: #securely tape one of the disposable paper forehead thermometers around the outside of the cup or mug before filling #fill the mug with a hot beverage #allow the filled cup to sit for one minute to give the thermometer time to register the heat of the cup #read the temperature on the disposable thermometer #if the temperature is between 95 and 105 degrees fahrenheit it is safe to drink confirm this by preparing a hot drink for yourself using this method and drinking it immediately if the temperature is in this range #if the temperature is higher than 105 degrees add an ice cube or two to lower the temperature to a safe level #remove the disposable thermometer from the mug and discard it before washing the cup #use a new disposable thermometer each time they are only reliable once #the disposable thermometers can be used by caregivers or by crs who have the ability or judgment to handle and understand the process

Materials: Mug or hot cup disposable paper forehead thermometers available in packs at drug store

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*This information is listed as a Tip and is not explicitly medically licensed

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